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Point of Sale App

POS doesn't have to be complicated.

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No app loading times. Transactions in the split of a second.


Works even after losing internet connectivity.

The Point of Sale App - your most diligent co-worker

As easy to use as a calculator, as reliable as a Swiss watch.

Search your inventory with ease

Choose from pre-configured articles with a simple click, use the search bar, scan bar codes or type in the price directly.

Simple and fast transactions

Accept cash, debit- and credit-cards and accept - in combination with the customer management feature - payments through vouchers, through credit balances or by invoicing.

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Useful employee-management

Thanks to separate logins for each employee transactions can be easily traced back to the respective employee. Employee-management also ensures that specific employees are only granted access to features that they really need.

Ideal customer-relation-management

Save relevant information about the customer, create debit tickets with QR-codes and our balancing feature, grant frequent customers discounts or allow them to pay at a later point of time. Simply send the invoice from the cloud!

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