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What you need on your smartphone
  • Our free app for iOS or Android
  • Bluetooth 4.0 & minimum iOS 7.0 or Android 4.3
  • Your internet connection via WiFi/3G/4G
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What you get with your PIN+ terminal
  • Accept all major credit and debit cards
  • Compliant with highest security standards
  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth 4.0
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The benefits of being part of SumUp

Why thousands of businesses in Ireland love SumUp

  • Fair & transparent fees

    • 1.95% Credit & debit cards
    • No monthly fees
    • Pay only when you sell
    • No binding contracts
  • Revolutionary terminal

    €79 One-off
    • 10x more affordable than traditional terminals
    • Takes cards anytime and on-the-go
    • Processes payments in seconds
  • World-class security

    World-class security
    • PIN+ and IT services certified with highest standards of the payment industry
    • SumUp is a licensed and regulated payment institution
  • Hassle free

    • Fast payouts to your bank account
    • Register within minutes and buy the PIN+
    • No paper work or new bank account needed

One simple fee per transaction

Pay as you go


  • Credit & debit cards 1.95%

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  • Transaction fee

  • Enter amount

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The simplest way of taking card payments

Taking a payment is as easy as it gets

Get your money in 3-6 business days

Whenever you see the green check in the SumUp app following a successful transaction, SumUp then initiates the payout to your bank account. SumUp transfers all amounts less the transaction fees (1.95% for debit and credit cards) within 3-6 business days. There is no need to open a new bank account for SumUp and no additional fees for payouts.

Thousands of small businesses trust SumUp

What our merchants are saying

  • 90% of our sales are paid by card, so for us, SumUp means that we never have to miss out on a sale. We were looking for a simple solution, without any registration fees or fixed monthly costs, and with SumUp, we only pay when we accept a payment. We really wouldn’t think of using anything else.

    Nicky and Ricky Shah - Trikki, Fashion Store
    Nicky and Ricky Shah - Trikki, Fashion Store
  • Card payments play an increasingly important role in our showroom and at trade shows. SumUp offers us everything we need: a fair cost, full mobility, and practically more sales since our customers are not dependant on how much cash they carry anymore.

    Moritz Biel & André Hofmann - Stoffbruch, Designer Streetwear
    Moritz Biel & André Hofmann - Stoffbruch, Designer Streetwear
  • Many of our customers want to pay by card. The new SumUp card terminal is now even faster and more reliable than before. We are very satisfied and our customers are grateful that we do not send them to the closest ATM.

    Gökhan - Olivio, Pasta Bar
    Gökhan - Olivio, Pasta Bar
  • Our guests always expect to pay by card, and for that reason SumUp has been a great solution for us: the payment can be conveniently processed at the customer's table and the receipt sent via text message or email - saving a lot of unnecessary paperwork. Our customers are as excited as we are!

    Kevin Elias - Schneeweiß, Restaurant
    Kevin Elias - Schneeweiß, Restaurant
  • A lot of my customers want to pay by card. That's why SumUp is a perfect solution for my store: it's very easy to use and I only pay when I actually take card payments.

    Kate Pinkstone - Shio, Fashion Store
    Kate Pinkstone - Shio, Fashion Store
  • Accepting card payments is very important for us, as people are so used to having the option to pay by card wherever they are. We were looking for an inexpensive and flexible solution. SumUp gives us the freedom to easily accept card payments in the shop or out when doing deliveries. It’s a great solution and has improved our business. We would definitely recommend SumUp.

    Azadeh Falakshahi & Florian Frey - Herman-ze-German, Restaurant
    Azadeh Falakshahi & Florian Frey - Herman-ze-German, Restaurant

Your dashboard at

Keep track of your card payments

  • Online dashboard

    Export your transaction list. Order additional hardware. Refer SumUp. And much more.

  • Transaction history

    Updated in real-time. Access via app or dashboard. Resend receipts.

  • Electronic receipts

    Send receipts via email or SMS. No need to paper print.

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